Ceragem Hosting the Ceremony to Celebrate Its 18th Anniversary 2016.10.13

Ceragem Hosting the Ceremony to Celebrate Its 18th Anniversary

The global healthcare company Ceragem hosted the ceremony to celebrate its 18th anniversary at Cheonam셲 headquarters on October 13 this year. (The company셲 founding date is October 27th.) 

The ceremony was jointed by over 860 participants including executive officials employees of its headquarters subsidiaries, Club Balance 5, Naviel, branches, outsting customers, business partners, social welfare foundations.

The ceremony began with the opening declaration of CEO Lee Gyu-cheol, followed by a report on the company셲 history, congratulatory speeches by CEO Lee Hwan-seong, General Executive Director Kim Sang-sik, Chairman Kim Gil-hwan of the Korea Marketing Association.

CEO Lee Hwan-seong emphasized the commitment of executive officials employees to active changes practices for fair transparent business administration, stating: 쏻henever we celebrate our anniversary, we reflect the commitment promises we made when we created Ceragem. Our executive officials employees along with our business partners must practice the purposes for which Ceragem was created as well as its core values deliver them the best way to our customers who support us.


Included in the anniversary event was an awards ceremony that honored nine outsting officials employees including Executive Vice President Choi Seong-jin (thermal massagers), CEO Shin Yun-chang (cosmetics), CEO Kim Jang-jung of the Naviel branch (domestic business), Director Han Yeong-ju of Club Balance 5, Outsting Business Partner, Outsting Employee.

Last of all, the event presented donations to social welfare foundations performed congratulatory performances.


CEO Lee Gyu-cheol pledged that Ceragem will continue to be a global healthcare company that sustainably grows, sharing its transformation visions with others practicing the win-win philosophy for the company customers as well as fair, transparent business administration. Ceragem plans to donate the over 140 bags of rice it received instead of celebratory floral arrangements for the event to disadvantaged neighbors.


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