[2016 Korea Innovative Business Administration Award] Ceragem 2016.10.21


Ceragem (CEO Lee Gyu-cheol / Photo) gained fame when it developed an innovative thermal massager in 1998 during its inception has since become a leading healthcare company in Korea.

Ceragem has entered over 70 countries including China, India, European countries. Its representative product is Ceragem Master V3, a thermal massager that delivers customized heat to customers based on the calculation of their spinal curvature.

Aside from thermal massagers, Ceragem셲 Naviel Club Balance 5 are developing electric stimulus devices to help balance customers bodies. Its Health & Beauty is also producing competitive cosmetics products.

Ceragem셲 consistently top-notch quality has been one of the driving forces behind its success as a global healthcare company. It has successfully gained approval from organizations such as the FDA, CE, UL. Its thermal massagers have been chosen as the Top-Ranked Global Product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry Energy for 14 consecutive years. However, the true reason behind Ceragem셲 success can be found in the experience-oriented marketing efforts based on supreme confidence in its products.

Through its branch stores, Ceragem has provided customers with abundant opportunities to experience its products. Unlike other companies providing a superficial one-to-two weeks of experience, Ceragem proposes over 3 months for experiencing its products more than a year if customers desire. This experience-oriented marketing enables Ceragem to be recognized as a company practicing customer-oriented fair, transparent business administration.

CEO Lee Gyu-cheol stated: 쏞eragem will do its best to deliver the values of joy, health, happiness to both customers companies through a win-win business philosophy based on creating shared value." 

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